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The Story of Me.


Third semester of the post graduate course in Graphic Design at NID. One more semester to go, technically. And four projects in the pipeline. The time comes when you need to sit down with yourself and think. Think about what you’ve been doing, think about what you want to be doing, where you want to be going, what you’ve learned, what you want to learn, what you’re made up of, and what kind of an impact you can make in the society (if you want to – and as it turns out, that seems to be the primal driver for me).

Introduction to Specialization is a course where we are exposed to various kind of work being done in the industry, talks by professionals and faculty, for us to understand the length, breadth and opportunities that Graphic Design provides us with. To find our own individual inspiration and to make our own little master plan. To introspect and examine our progress, and to figure out what we’re good at (and what we’re not).

In order to do this, I started creating a mind map, keeping a few basic questions in mind.

Who am I ?

What is Design to Me?

What have I gained from NID?

Graphic Design?

What does all this lead to?

I then decided to create a infographic/poster continuing the visual language of a mindmap (from confusion to clarity) to both help me understand myself & where it is that I’m heading. This might soon adorn the wall above my gadda.

The idea of getting into graphic design was always to spread joy. That never changed. Only slowly, one realizes the power of what one can do. One starts seeing possibilities. Possibilities of influencing policy in order to get healthcare access to more children, possibilities of orchestrating socio-cultural movements. The trick is to know your role (as limited as it may seem), and do your job, and do it ruddy darn well. A Graphic Designer, as a graphic designer, is undoubtedly, only a support act. But going through the process of becoming a graphic designer makes you conscious, makes you think and teaches you to communicate.┬áThere’s a lot left to learn. But what else is there to life apart from that anyway.

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One thought on “The Story of Me.

  1. very insightful and helpful.. loved the part:: ‘The idea of getting into graphic design was always to spread joy’.. feel like creating mindmaps for myself too.. :]

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