The Report Card Project


The project, which was a research into student evaluation for middle school students in India, has finally reached closure. Its been a rather long story. Go through it all, piece by piece, thought by thought on my project blog, here. We also designed a 8-page document for those who want to understand the essence of the project, and the design outcome. It also sparks off further debate, going beyond the mere visual representation of the report card—and into systemic issues which make evaluation ineffective in student learning, as of today.

Palang Tod ~ Bed Breaking


From Samosapedia:  Palang Tod: Style, vigor and rigor of copulation that street-lore says can break the bed meaning Cot on which the act is performed.
Palang(Cot, Hindi), tod/thod( break, Hindi).

A rainy evening, a stupid prank and some icon love.

Palang Tod-01


Icons by Christopher T. Howlett and Luis Prado from The Noun Project were used (and abused) to create this icon.

On the Wall


Its a pretty crazy feeling to see your stuff adorning the walls of an office space that you walk into after one whole year. I guess these graphics are meant to keep the team on their toes and from what one of my friend says, “these serve as a constant reminder of what we ought to aim for”.

I’m hoping they’re doing their job well.